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Buying a puppy is a serious responsibility.


Are you willing to make a committment to provide LOVE, CARE & TRAINING for the life of this dog?

If the answer is NO...

Then you should reconsider your desire to purchase a Senmora German Shepherd puppy!


At Senmora kennels we endeavour to ensure that all suitable applicants are guaranteed a puppy as soon as possible. However please note that your enquiry and any subsequent listing on our 'puppy waiting list' does not automatically guarantee you a puppy.


In order to protect the best interests of our puppies we reserve the right to refuse buyers, if those buyers are considered unsuitable. Puppies available are from x-rayed parents raised in a family environment.


Puppies available to suitable homes as family companions


Before puppies leave our care they are:-

•Raised in a clean, loving environment;

•Registered with the Dogs NSW;


•Wormed regularly;



•Monthly Heartworm program is commenced.


When purchasing a Senmora puppy you receive a comprehensive puppy pack which includes:

•Dogs NSW Certificate of Registration & Pedigree

•Photos of sire & dam;

•5-generation pedigree;

•Diet sheet;

•Information on how to raise your puppy;

•Vaccination Certificate;


•Lifetime support for you & your puppy/dog;


A $300 deposit is required to secure your future family companion.


We make every effort to ensure that our puppies are free from inherited defects, by screening parents for problems. However due to complex genetic interactions and environmental factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that a puppy purchased from us will be 100% free of genetic disorders. If the puppy should develop Hip/Elbow problems in the first twelve months, which render the puppy/dog incapacitated and unable to carry on a normal life, we will agree to replace the puppy with one of equal value from our next available litter, provided this is thought to be caused by defect, and not through injuries caused by accident or negligence. This must be confirmed by examination of X-ray plates by our vet, or the GSCDA's readers.


Contact us if you have any enquiries

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